Hello All,

We're trying to solve the slow download issue which seems to happen to some 
users. Those who experienced the download speed issue as well as those who 
still haven't updated to the 9.2.3 release, could you please check what is the 
download speed of the packages and what are the actual URL stated in the 
browser's download list?

Thank you!

32 bit:  https://www.ritlabs.com/download/the_bat/thebat_32_9-2-3.msi

64 bit:  https://www.ritlabs.com/download/the_bat/thebat_64_9-2-3.msi  

Best regards,
   Stefan Tanurkov
   CEO @ RITLABS  SRL                         http://www.ritlabs.com

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Current version is 9.1.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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