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> G'day  Lore,

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LG>> I haven't tried it yet, but have been continually aggravated with gmail's 
turning off "less secure app" access if I don't use the gmail account in The 
Bat! for a while.  Hopefully when the time comes it will be workable; otherwise 
I'll have to use webmail - Fastmail in particular, as I like it better than 
gmail on the web and have multiple addresses configured there.

> Well, I've done it.

> My ISP gives me 5 e-mail boxes, so I have setup one of them for messages from 
> this and the beta list.

> My GMail box has remained unchanged( so I do not do anything with my 
> subscription to these lists), except that all messages sent to it now get 
> forwarded to the one I setup with my ISP. Instead of collecting my messages 
> directly from GMail, I collect it from my ISP.

> This only needs to be setup once and then if you change ISPs, you change the 
> forwarding address to the one you setup with your new ISP.

> So, I am not accessing GMail. GMail is simply sending the messages on to 
> where I can access them more easily.

> This can be done with any e-mail service that has an automatic forwarding 
> option.

> I have done the same with addresses I use for things like forums, shopping 
> sites, sites that may not unsubscribe you, etc.

> As far as those replying to or contacting me, nothing changes for them.

Thanks!  I have my GMail (and all outside email) forwarded to Fastmail.  The 
problem is when I want to send from GMail in the Bat! because GMail insists on 
less secure app status, and cancels the "off" status if I don't send in a 
while.  My ISP email is so inferior that I gave up on it years ago and I don't 
use it at all.

Lore Galore

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