Hello Thomas,

I fixed this problem for a new gmail account. The protocol type on the very 
first screen has to be "IMAP or POP" instead of "Auto". That is new. If I leave 
that at "Auto", it makes an IMAP account. It used to be the case that you 
selected IMAP or POP on the next screen.

What I haven't found yet is what I need to do in The Bat for an existing gmail 
POP account to make it work again since Google broke** almost every e-mail 
client earlier this year. It is rare that I send mail from a gmail address. I 
will create a new account in The Bat when I need it for my other gmail address. 
I don't need to actually retrieve gmail in The Bat, I set it up a long time ago 
to forward everything arriving at my gmail addresses to an address on my own 
domain as "web login required" every so often in the error logs was driving me 

**Gmail may get broken again as I have started receiving mails with "keep your 
phone handy"


Monday, October 24, 2022, 5:21:16 AM, Thomas Fernandez ML thomas.f...@gmx.net 

> I am using Gmail and POP under v10.2. However, I set it up a long time ago. 
> Do you have the problem with an existing account or are you trying to set up 
> a new account?


Current version is 9.1.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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