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On 03 August 2000 at 10:31:47 GMT -0400 (which was 15:31 where I
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of "Buffer overrun vulnerability?":

WNK> Hi-  I  apologize  if this question has been raised before, but I
WNK> couldn't find mention of it when searching the list archives...

WNK> Is The Bat! subject to the same kind of buffer overflow exploit
WNK> to which other email clients are susceptible? (e.g. too long a
WNK> subject line etc...)

I  don't  believe  it  is  at  all.  IMHO  being written in Delphi - a
language  which  uses  dynamic  strings  as  part  of  the fundamental
linguistic  basis  and  not fixed sized buffers like C and C++ - would
take it completely away from that kind of issue anyway.

Anyone else got any other views on this?


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