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  On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 14:02:39 -0700, George Mealer wrote:

GM> 1)  As best as I can tell, TB doesn't do any additional
GM> formatting/wrapping when you send the message, and relies on you to
GM> have already wrapped the line either manually, via a formatting
GM> command, or via auto-wrap.  Is this correct?

Yes, this is correct.

GM> 2)  If the first part is correct, how does it handle stacked replies?
GM> That is, the line may have been 75 chars to start, but by the time you
GM> add a few "> " and "GM >" to it, you'll certainly extend over the
GM> limit.

It leaves the stacked reply intact. It doesn't rewrap and mangle it as
way too many other clients out there do.

Even better, it offers you the ability to reflow the stacked replies in
a flash. Just get the cursor anywhere in the stacked reply paragraph and
hit Alt+L. (NB// Do not use the mouse to position the cursor in the
paragraph, but if you insist, hit one of the arrow keys and then do the
Alt+L operation.

GM> Also, is there any way to turn off auto-insertion of the quote
GM> prefix?

No. Fortunately, it's more handy than not for me. When I'm using Gravity
and there's no auto insertion of quote prefixes, I feel disabled. :-)
but I do agree that this should be made optional.

GM> For example, TB thought that the above paragraph had a quote in line 3
GM> (prefixed with 'add a few ">') and attempted to add it to the next
GM> line down as I was typing.

To help minimize this, go in the editor preferences and adjust the
'quote name limit' option. The default is 20. What this means is that
TB! will assume that any '>' character that occurs within 20 characters
of a new line is a quote prefix (the exceptions being if the '>' is
preceded by '<' or if the first character of the line is a <space>). If
you reduce this setting, what happened to you would be less likely to
happen where the auto-quote prefixing is inadvertently triggered while
composing messages.

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