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Friday, April 5, 2002, 1:32:08 AM, you wrote:

LG> Unfortunately, this is not possible with the %WRAPPED macro.
LG> You'll have to insert \n manually into your cookies. Then you can
LG> use something like, "... grave.\n -- CONRAD ...". If you try to
LG> combine \n and the %WRAPPED macro, the cookie is wrapped at the \n
LG> and afterwards is rewrapped by the macro, thus destroying your
LG> manual line break.

I am a little slow here, sorry. This means that if you use "\n"
inserted manually at the appropriate column and line of the cookie
file to create a separate attribution line, that you cannot use the
%WRAPPED macro? Which means that the main part of the cookie must be
manually formatted after it is inserted. Is that what you are saying?

This could involve adding a blank line to separate the paragraphs,
formatting the main part of the cookie to wrap the text using <alt-l>
and then bringing the two paragraphs together.

This sounds complicated. I see many multi-line cookies followed
directly by an attribution line on TBUD. Is this how they are done?

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