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DVR> Quite often, I want to reformat all paragraphs at once. Or all
DVR> paragraphs that I have selected with the mouse. I can't find a
DVR> way to do that, though.

Well, it isn't exactly the solution you asked for, but you can use a
quick template to approximate the job.  You actually need two quick

====[QT wrap]====

====[QT wrap2]====

Note: I would have just posted the link to the original version* in the
archive, but these templates have been updated to work properly with
the current TB release (1.60q).
* <http://www.mail-archive.com/tbtech@thebat.dutaint.com/msg01525.html>

So with this set of templates, you'd select the paragraphs to be
reformatted, press <ctrl>-<x>, type "wrap" (without the quotes) then
<ctrl>-<space>.  That's it.  Note that this template system will also
work on quoted text. 

DVR> When I mark the paragraphs and then press Alt-L, all the
DVR> paragraphs are thrown together into big one illegible blob.

Yes, but while this may seem like a nuisance, there is a benefit.
When you select text then press <alt>-<L>, TB assumes that the
selected text is one paragraph.  TB *only* reformats those lines.
That means that if you want to reformat one entry in a list, you can
select just that entry without ruining the list.

Thanks for writing,
 Januk Aggarwal

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