Hello Lawrence,

> It would be great to even just embolden, underline or italicize.

That wheel is already invented. A friend of mine uses it all the time
and I do every now and then. Use MS Word instead of TB's editor and
compose your message with the font sizes, colours and highlights of your
preference. Even include images and graphics if you wish (my friend
includes his company's logo), etc., etc.

When ready, select File/Send To/Mail Recipient (as attachment) and
voilá, TB's editor opens now for you to included e-mail address of the
recipient and Subject and allow you to click Send.

And guess what! The recipients will see the text colours, fonts, etc.
that you have selected even if they do not use TB as an e-mail client.

Best regards,

Miguel A. Urech (El Escorial - Spain)
Using The Bat! v1.62i

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