I updated to version 1.10 of the MyMacros plug-in. (I seem to recall
that my old version was 1.07).

Under MyMacros 1.07, the %RegRead macro could be used in a Quick
Template to return the number of minutes difference between the time
and my computer's time zone and UTC. For example. MyMacros 1.07 during
Eastern Daylight Time, which is UTC-4:00, the following construct
yielded 240.


Under MyMacros version 1.10, the same construct yields the following

 *** Error *** 

1. I used RegEdit to look at the ActiveTimeBias value in the Registry
and it is 240.

2. I checked MyMacros' help file. I noticed that %RegRead is shown
with a " after the ( and another " before the ) .

3. I put the "" into the construct and it still yields:

 *** Error ***

Can anyone confirm my results poor results with MyMacros 1.10?

What can I do to fix things?

Should I go back to MyMacros 1.07. If so, where can I get it?

Using: The Bat! v2.10.03, BayesIt! 0.5.4, MyMacros 1.10
       Windows 2000 v5.0 - Build 2195 - Service Pack 4


Daniel A. Grunberg       Kensington, Maryland, USA
homepage: www.nyx.net/~dgrunber/

Current version is 2.10.03 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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