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Thursday, May 27, 2004, 12:46:36 PM, you wrote:
Costas> Occasionally, I see people giving references in TBUDL and
Costas> TBBETA like this: mid:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Costas> It may be a stupid question, but where does one in fact find
Costas> these links?

I just explained this in detail on TBUDL seven days ago.

Here it is again:

Provided you didn't delete your message this is in reply to, click the
below MID.


Next, one of two things will happen.

1. If the message the MID references is in the same folder as the
   message containing the MID you just clicked on, it'll take you
   right to the message.

2. If you're using a virtual folder or mail ticker VF to read the
   message, you'll get a dialog box asking which folders to search in.
   At this point you would choose TBUDL (or whatever folder you keep
   your TBUDL messages in).

Walla! That's how MID references work. It's like a shortcut to a
message you have somewhere in one of the TB folders. If you completely
delete the message that the MID was referring to, then TB isn't going
to find it. 

Leif (TB list moderator and fellow end user).

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