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SN> I want to make a filter that takes the incomming
SN> message and find a string and delete it. Is for a

You can't do that with TB as it doesn't alter incoming messages.

The only way around that is to export the message with a template that
keeps the original headers and text, with the exception of your
repetitive text. As the next action in that filter you need to delete
the message (not the exported file, but the one in your message base)
and finally you need to import your exported text.
As importing is no filter action, you need to start TB as an external
program in your filter with the /import parameter (look into the help
file for more info)

I don't know the real nature of your problem, is the repetitive text
annoying to you or is it the fact that you have to delete it when you
quote it? The latter can be remedied with some regexp in your quote

Groetjes, Roelof

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