Hello Dwight,

> I just joined a list which sets the return to header is set to the 
> sender instead of the list. My past experience with lists which take 
> this annoying tack is that I forget, and reply to the sender not the 
> list. Is there a way I can override this and have my replies go to 
> list?

If you have a folder for this list (I do have an specific and separate 
folder for each list I'm subscribed to) you can create a reply folder 
template which includes this:

%TO=''%TO='%OFROMNAME <l...@domain.com>'

and that should do it.

If you would like to (try to) 'force' others to reply to you on the list 
instead of replaying directly to you, you may also include this line in 
your folder reply template:

%REPLYTO=""%REPLYTO="Mail List <l...@domain.com>"


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Miguel A. Urech (El Escorial - Spain)
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