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KR>   Probably a silly question but I don't see it in the help files.
KR>   I am busy setting up filters for Incoming mail and I want to use
KR>   more or less similar ones for outgoing mail but main problem is I
KR>   have many mailboxes..
KR>   Assuming I create them all by hand for mail coming in, what's the
KR>   easiest way to copy the lot to outgoing mail and then fix them by
KR>   hand...

You  can  copy  one  filter  by  having  focus on the left pane of the
sorting  offeice  and  pressing  Ctrl-C,  next  you go to the outgoing
filters and press Ctrl-V, now you can edit the filter.
That's  what  I  do  when  I  create  an incoming filter and a similar
outgoing filter.

When  you want to copy all filters from one account to another account
that  doesn't  have any filters yet, then you can copy the account.srn
file from the account directory for account A to that of account B. Do
this preferrably while TB is shut down.
However  as  this  overwrites  all existing filters in account B, this
isn't  very  suitable when it has got filters. In that case you should
use the first method or a variety.

When  all  of your accounts use the same or similar filters, you might
consider using common filters.

Groetjes, Roelof

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