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t>>   Assuming I create them all by hand for mail coming in, what's the
t>>   easiest way to copy the lot to outgoing mail and then fix them by
t>>   hand...

> The easiest (but not fastest) way is to support this wish:
> https://www.ritlabs.com/bt/view.php?id=3319

Thomas, this is supposing I guess that I can run 4.1.17 or whatever
but I cannot as last time I tried I still crashed and I saw I am
not the only one where either a clean or upgrade of system goes wrong.
No idea what goes wrong but I end up with NO executable in the Bat
directory!!! I checked it obviously manually and you can also see it as the
bat Icon on desktop goes to the one used in case it refers to a missing
file. And it really is missing... So I am running 4.0.38
I had a msg when booting up the bat just now that there was a new
upgrade but no idea what got fixed.

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