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KR>> Filename is "thebat.exe" (now) and its gone if I try to install 4.1.xx.
KR>> The shortcut sits on the desktop but I end-up with the icon one used for 
KR>> missing.

> I've  heard  one case of someone using some obscure virus scanner that
> considered TB 4.1.? as a trojan and therefore deleted it.
> He  was  using Blink as anti virus, maybe that's what happening to you
> too.

I am ashamed to say I never heard of Blink but as you know that means
I did a search with google  and it seems to be a system resident
search engine. No idea if that's what you mean!
AV getting into my system via various disks are F-secure,
Avira, Comodo, and a few others I know and know I can ask questions.
Easeus makes nice data recovery software/copy software but while you
have to know what to watch for, no problems with it. Another website
is the www.runtime.org one but lets say unknown stuff doesn't get into
my system. AND, I do not mix them!! That I did only once many years
ago. I noticed that I seem to have a slightly more stable system after
several spy-ware files got knocked out. With a 'cleaned' hard disk I
can even get updates for Avira.. So once I have F-secure back and
running I will scan my system again to see what it finds as other culprits .
And if the Bat works.

DO you or anyone else know a WORKING program keeping track of what gets
installed and what not????    Ie FILE by FILE???

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