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Sunday, December 6, 2009, 2:22:06 AM, you wrote:

> G'day Tim,

> On Sunday, December 6, 2009, at 4:12:18 PM, you (Tim Hamm) wrote:

TH>> Hello TBUDL,

TH>>   Can anyone tell me why TB crashes all the time when launching a Word
TH>>   doc? This has become extremely annoying to say the least. And why
TH>>   does TB hesitate so long in sending mail? It acts as though it's on
TH>>   it's last leg.

> I am using Word 2000 and have no such issues.

> Does this happen with any Word file, or just particular ones?


> Does the file open OK if you save it first and then open it from 
> either Word or Explorer?

Yes, sometimes this happens from other folders and Explorer. I will
try reinstalling Word to see if this solves that issue.

> On the sending of mail, do you have delayed sending enabled, but the 
> alert dialog suppressed?

I have immediate sending enables and not sure what you are referring
to on the alert dialog suppresses. I have the mail ticker suppressed
if that's what you mean.

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