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Sunday, December 6, 2009, 6:45:59 PM, among other things, you wrote:

TH>>>   Can anyone tell me why TB crashes all the time when launching a Word
TH>>>   doc? 
>> It  does  not  crash for everybody, it works OK for me. I have no idea what
>> your  problem may be, but suggest you try reinstalling The Bat! and then MS
>> Word if you still have a problem..

TH> I have tried re-installing TB twice now with the same results. I
TH> failed to mention before that even getting web pages from TB takes
TH> forever sometimes.
This  kind of variability can be due to server overloading or heavy traffic 
to the particular web address.  i.e. nothing to do with TB.

TH>>>   And  why  does TB hesitate so long in sending mail?  It acts as though
TH>>>   it's on it's last leg.
>> Again,  I  have  no problem.  I think it is more likely a problem with your
>> SMTP server,  perhaps it is overloaded.

TH> It took 1:28 to retrieve 11 messages of which none had attachments. I
TH> have two other email clients installed, Barca2 and Outlook and the
TH> email retrieves within seconds for the same 11 messages.
We  were talking about SENDING mail, not receiving it!

It  is possible that subsidiary programmes may be slowing things down on the
receiving  side.   Did  all the mail clients have EXACTLY the same anti virus
and anti spam programmes operating during your receiving tests?

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