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Sunday, December 6, 2009, 11:03:11 AM, you wrote:

> Hello Tim,

> Sunday, December 6, 2009, 6:45:59 PM, among other things, you wrote:

TH>>>>   Can anyone tell me why TB crashes all the time when launching a Word
TH>>>>   doc? 
>>> It  does  not  crash for everybody, it works OK for me. I have no idea what
>>> your  problem may be, but suggest you try reinstalling The Bat! and then MS
>>> Word if you still have a problem..

TH>> I have tried re-installing TB twice now with the same results. I
TH>> failed to mention before that even getting web pages from TB takes
TH>> forever sometimes.
> This  kind of variability can be due to server overloading or heavy traffic
> to the particular web address.  i.e. nothing to do with TB.

Again, I excluded the fact that this is related to server
overloading... I ran my other two email clients with no issues

TH>>>>   And  why  does TB hesitate so long in sending mail?  It acts as though
TH>>>>   it's on it's last leg.
>>> Again,  I  have  no problem.  I think it is more likely a problem with your
>>> SMTP server,  perhaps it is overloaded.

See answer above

TH>> It took 1:28 to retrieve 11 messages of which none had attachments. I
TH>> have two other email clients installed, Barca2 and Outlook and the
TH>> email retrieves within seconds for the same 11 messages.
> We  were talking about SENDING mail, not receiving it!

I'm referring to both sending and receiving.

> It  is possible that subsidiary programmes may be slowing things down on the
> receiving  side.   Did  all the mail clients have EXACTLY the same anti virus
> and anti spam programmes operating during your receiving tests?

Yes, except for the AntiSpamSniper I have for TB.

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