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>>> On the sending of mail, do you have delayed sending enabled, but the 
>>> alert dialog suppressed?

TH>> I have immediate sending enables and not sure what you are referring
TH>> to on the alert dialog suppresses. I have the mail ticker suppressed
TH>> if that's what you mean.

> No. With delayed sending is enabled, you can get a dialog come up 
> telling you when the message will actually be sent. You can turn this 
> dialog off. It was a possibility that this dialog might have been 
> turned off and so there was an apparently a delay.

Under delivery type I have immediate and I have a check mark in
Combined Delivery (send and receive). This problem of very slow
sending and receiving has nothing to do with my smtp server or network
congestion with the server. I have tested all three of my email
clients, TB, Barca 2, and Outlook and TB wins the prize for taking the
longest (and I mean more than 1 minute longer) to send and receive
email. This problem started with version 4.1.

If anyone has any ideas other than what has already been discussed, I
would love to hear them.

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