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Sunday, December 6, 2009, 9:33:11 PM, among other things, you wrote:

TH>>> I have tried re-installing TB twice now with the same results. I
TH>>> failed to mention before that even getting web pages from TB takes
TH>>> forever sometimes.
>> This  kind of variability can be due to server overloading or heavy traffic
>> to the particular web address.  i.e. nothing to do with TB.

TH> Again, I excluded the fact that this is related to server
TH> overloading... I ran my other two email clients with no issues
TH> what-so-ever.

>> We  were talking about SENDING mail, not receiving it!  
TH> I'm referring to both sending and receiving.

>> It  is possible that subsidiary programmes may be slowing things down on the
>> receiving  side.   Did  all the mail clients have EXACTLY the same anti virus
>> and anti spam programmes operating during your receiving tests?

TH> Yes, except for the AntiSpamSniper I have for TB.

OK  Tim, to find out if TB is really the culprit, and why, we need to repeat
the  comparative  tests  with all paramaters exactly the same with all three
e-mail clients.  I suggest therefore you try the download tests with all of 
the following in place:

 1. Your anti virus programme turned off.
 2. AntiSpamSniper and any other antispam programme turned off.
 3. All message filtering turned off.
 4. Any firewall programme turned off.
 To  try  to  avoid  any  'nasties'  download first with your antvirus still
 operating,  but  'leave  messages  on  the server'.  Then run your tests as
 quickly as possible thereafter with the antivirus turned off.

 If  you  will  be  kind  enough to do as I suggest and let us all know the 
 results we will then take it from there. 
 Good luck!

Best regards,


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