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On Sunday, December 6, 2009, 5:12:18 AM, Tim Hamm wrote:

>   Can anyone tell me why TB crashes all the time when launching a Word
>   doc? This has become extremely annoying to say the least. And why
>   does TB hesitate so long in sending mail? It acts as though it's on
>   it's last leg.

You don't mention what version of Word you are using and I guess that
the lack of reports of such problems previously on the list means that
the problem is specific to the configuration of your machine.

Word is involved in the composing of Outlook mail, so there is a
potential interaction between Word and email. I would have a look at
the Email settings in Outlook - check what the default settings are
for sending messages (and switch to text only as a test). It would
also be worth what the default programs are for email related
activities are (in Outlook 2007, look under
Tools|Options|Other|Default programs. If TB is not handling all the
email related activities then change it.

The other thing that can sometimes cause strange application crashes
is a graphic driver issue. It would be worth checking whether there
are more up to date drivers available.

The final thing, as others have mentioned, are firewall and anti-virus
issues. Turning off these (one at a time and then both) may help to
rule this out. Both are likely to have a hand in the sending of mail.

I hope that you find a solution soon. I know how frustrating it is to
have a difficult IT problem that no-one else experiences.


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