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> Hello Roger,
>   A reminder of what Roger Phillips typed on:
>   Monday, December 07, 2009 at 08:23:36 GMT +0200

>>>> We  were talking about SENDING mail, not receiving it!  
TH>>> I'm referring to both sending and receiving.

> When running slow, try looking for temp files in the bat directory. Sometimes
> there can be way too many left behind..

Oh, Another thing, I don't quite understand it but like clockwork, TB
is taking exactly 15 seconds to send outgoing mail. Why 15, why not 2,
why not 3. What determines how long TB takes to send mail? I remember
several versions ago, TB would send mail almost immediately. This has
been going on for quite some time now upgrading to the newer versions
but I can't quite figure at what point this started happening.

Receiving is a different story, it's never the same... sometimes TB
retrieves mail almost immediately upon launching program and other
times the mail takes forever and a day for TB to process incoming
mail. This is very puzzling and if someone knows the answer I would be
forever in your debt to get this one straightened out. There's nothing
worse than to sit there waiting for TB to process outgoing email. I've
already isolated any anti-virus, spam or firewall program out of the

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