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>>> Hello Roger,   A reminder of what Roger Phillips typed
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>>>>>> We  were talking about SENDING mail, not receiving
>>>>>> it!
TH>>>>> I'm referring to both sending and receiving.

>>> When running slow, try looking for temp files in the
>>> bat directory. Sometimes there can be way too many
>>> left behind..

>> This is news to me, and where and how do you check the
>> temp directory to see if it's overloaded?

> Windows Start menu | Run | Type "%temp%" (without quotes) into the run
> box and press ENTER or click OK.

> Search the temp folder that opens for "bat*.tmp" (without quotes) and 
> delete the found files.

> If you just want to delete the files without looking at them, you can
> type "del %temp%\bat*.tmp" (without quotes) into a command window and
> press ENTER.

No such folder exists, maybe because I use CCleaner often. Have any
ideas on why processing is to a snails pace?

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