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Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 11:50:43 PM, you wrote:

> Hello Tim,

> Monday, December 7, 2009, 5:11:26 PM, among other things, you wrote:

>>>  1. Your anti virus programme turned off.
TH>> Turned Off
>>>  2. AntiSpamSniper and any other antispam programme turned off.
TH>> Turned Off
>>>  3. All message filtering turned off.
TH>> Turned Off
>>>  4. Any firewall programme turned off.
TH>> Windows Firewall Always Off... No Third Party Firewall... Using
TH>> Firewall in Router Only

>>>  If you will be kind enough to do as I suggest and let us all know
>>>  the results we will then take it from there.
TH>> Here's the status of running this test. I sent a total of five emails
TH>> to myself and each one took exactly 15 seconds to send. This is very
TH>> odd... it appears TB has decided to time itself out until 15 seconds
TH>> has elapsed before processing outgoing mail. Before anyone jumps to
TH>> conclusions, my immediate send is selected. I did not run tests on
TH>> retrieving email.
> I  have  looked  through  my  account  log  and actually found a recent sent
> message  which waited exactly 15 seconds after connecting to the SMTP server
> before going out.  However this is not consistent, another message completed
> in  two seconds, and in another case a batch of 13 almost identical messages
> of  about  5.1  kilobytes  each  went out in a total of 47 seconds. I would
> usually  assume this kind of variation is due to the loading on the server,
> which of course can vary from moment to moment.

> Have you done any receive tests yet?

Yes, receive is all over the board when TB is actually processing, but
there is definitely a time-out for several seconds before TB initiates
the actual processing of incoming email. I think if I could figure out
why TB is timing out at exactly 15 seconds before initiating the
processing of incoming mail, this may remedy my receiving it as

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