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> On Thursday 10 December 2009 at 12:53:43 AM, in
> <mid:18313630.20091209175...@cox.net>, Tim Hamm wrote:

>>> Windows Start menu | Run | Type "%temp%" (without
>>> quotes) into the run box and press ENTER or click OK.

>>> Search the temp folder that opens for "bat*.tmp"
>>> (without quotes) and  delete the found files.

>>> If you just want to delete the files without looking
>>> at them, you can type "del %temp%\bat*.tmp" (without
>>> quotes) into a command window and press ENTER.

>> No such folder exists, maybe because I use CCleaner
>> often. 

> Strange. Try typing "set" (without quotes) in a command window and 
> seeing what path is reported for TEMP.

>> Have any ideas on why processing is to a snails pace?

> Aside from the possibility of lots of bat*.tmp files (I don't know if
> CCleaner deletes these) and having ruled out any complications with
> anti-spam and anti-virus, what comes to mind is how you are connecting
> to the server. Some servers allow you to send/receive through a
> regular or a secure connection. If using a secure connection from TB!
> to a particular server, are you also using a secure connection from
> the other mail clients that connect faster?

> An example is that TB! is set up to connect to one of my Yahoo
> accounts via a "regular" connection and this often starts sending or
> receiving within a 0-3 seconds. Another Yahoo account I have TB! set
> up to contact the *same* servers via "secure to dedicated port" and
> this usually starts sending in 12-15 seconds or receiving in 17-22
> seconds. If not receiving after 22 seconds I get "could not connect to
> server" and have to try a few minutes later.

Nothing special, I'm connecting via a "regular" connection the same as
I am for Barca2 and Outlook. Talk about fast, Barca2 (Poco) is
lighting fast... I wish TB retrieved and sent mail as swiftly as

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