Hello Tim,

On Wed, 9 Dec 2009 21:50:40 -0700 GMT (10/Dec/09, 11:50 AM +0700 GMT),
Tim Hamm wrote:

>> Have you done any receive tests yet?

TH> Yes, receive is all over the board when TB is actually processing, but
TH> there is definitely a time-out for several seconds before TB initiates
TH> the actual processing of incoming email. I think if I could figure out
TH> why TB is timing out at exactly 15 seconds before initiating the
TH> processing of incoming mail, this may remedy my receiving it as
TH> well.

Just to give another direction, what port are you using to retrieve
your mail? 110 may be straight forward, but 995 may cause a delay. Not
that it should cause a 15-second delay, but maybe we're up to a hidden
bug here.




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