Hello TB! Users,

Whenever I start TB, the file Kludges.txt is created in my startup
Windows7 toolbar folder. I am sure that I have had the problem before,
but I cannot remember what the cause and solution was.

The file contains the following:

,----- [ Content of Kludges.txt ]
| x-spam-checker-version
| x-spam-level
| x-spam-report
| x-spam-status
| x-uidl
| x-agnitum-antispam
| x-agnitum-antispam-rank
| x-virusbuster-antispam
| x-virusbuster-antispam-rank

I am not sure if it comes from TB, Outpost Security Suite, NOD32 or
AntiSpamSniper. It started appearing after my last update of Outpost,
but I can find no mentions of Kludges.txt anywhere in the Outpost help
forums or in wider internet searches.

Any ideas anyone?


   Using The Bat! v4.2.23 on Windows 7 6.1 Build 7600 

Current version is 4.2.23 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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