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> On Sunday, October 24, 2010, 7:12:04 PM, TheLimit wrote:

>> Nothing has changed in the account settings. I'm stumped.
>> If anyone can tell me how to get it to load these messages
>> so I can read them, I'm all ears. A few of them at least are
>> important; those which are obviously spam can't be
>> deleted.

> Does the Connection Centre show any activity when you select one of
> the messages or select [F2] to download?

It appears to do nothing, but the CC does show a list of
messages it is pretending to load and to filter - the
filters aren't working either :-/

> What are the folder
> synchronisation settings?

Set for full synchronization. Have been from when I set it

[little snip]

> I sometimes get this problem on my laptop, usually on a slow
> connection, when it takes a very long time for message bodies to
> appear. Sometimes restarting TB works, but at other times I just have
> to wait - the connection centre shows the downloads in the queue but
> nothing happens. In some cases I end up using webmail. Eventually the
> messages appear in TB.

I've been waiting for three days.  And the mail server is
in the basement; speed shouldn't be an issue :-/ I'm going
to have to go and see if I can read at least some of these
message straight off the server, because they really won't
wait :-/

Maybe I should just go to POP on this account too; I hate
IMAP, but really resented losing my 15 year old db, and
thought maybe I'd better try to get along with it.

Thanks for your reply. If any of my answers give you
reason to think I can give the thing a swift kick, I'd
appreciate knowing what boots to wear :-)

I'm beginning to think that not many Batters are using
IMAP, and maybe more to the point, the reason for it :-/

Again, many thanks!

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