Mornin' Bats!

I have the misfortune to be stuck in a motel for the next several days and am 
communicating via a threadbare data cable provided by the motel.  This place is 
too old to have WIFI.  Anyway, I tried to use TB! and found that I had no 
trouble fetching messages but when I tried to SEND a message I got the 
following response from TB!:

!10/30/2010, 21:16:48: SEND  - Server reports it is not ready, reply: "imp10 MjA5LjE1NS4xNzcuMjUy You must connect from Charter IP space.  

Anybody have any idea what this means and how I can get past it?


Current version is 4.2.23 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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