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> I have Thunderbird installed for just such occasions. My preferred
> client is The Bat, but since it is IMAP, I can use any client to get the
> messages and Thunderbird is a good way of testing whether the problem
> is server or client related.

I couldn't get Thunderbird to talk at all. It won't accept
the pw for some reason, and I've kind of given up on it.
Not only do I not like it, but I don't understand it and I
don't have the time to mess with it :-/

> The things that cause problems for me are accounts with lots of
> folders or lots of accounts to check at the same time, particularly
> when there are messages waiting in several of them. One large email
> can hold up everything else and I wonder whether the connections
> timeout and hang.

Yes, this could be. There are several accounts - but all
but the one with the problem are POP accounts, and all are
working fine as of this writing. Most have lots of
folders, including this IMAP account. But .. the only one with
problems is the IMAP account :-/

> You could play around with some of the settings in
> Properties|Mail Management|IMAP Fine Tune at account level and see
> whether that makes a difference.

Well, so far that hasn't accomplished anything.

I have managed to move all the messages to the trash
folder, (the delete key worked where the delete button on
the interface did not) where for some reason I can read
them.  I can't move any to any other folder, however, and
none of the filters work on that account.

> There is a new version of IMAP for The Bat in the works, and hopefully
> this will address some of the current issues.

I hope so.

In the meantime, has anyone ever managed to fix a filter
problem like this one? There are filters specific to this
account, as well as a common filter which combs about 3 of
them, the other accounts being POP accounts.

Will be glad to provide any other info you like, if you
think it will help.

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