Please find attached a patch which adds to libpcap the capability to
reassemble fragmented IPv4 and IPv6 packets before they are passed to
the user. I see two major benefits in integrating this functionality
directly into libpcap:

1. Ease of adoption. Only a single function call must be added to
   existing libpcap applications in order to enable transparent

2. Filter expressions. The semantics of pcap's filter is extended such
   that the filter is applied to the complete, reassembled packets.
   There is no need for the user to care about using filter expressions
   that explicitly match fragments.

The code is work in progress and still has some TODOs, but before doing
the rest of the work, I wanted to check with the list to see whether the
patch will have any chance of getting integrated into libpcap.
Remaining open issues and some other things to note:

- Reassembly is enabled by calling the function pcap_enable_ipreasm().
  It must be called before any filters are compiled for the pcap
  instance in question, and before the linktype is examined.

- If reassembly is enabled, the linktype of the pcap instance will
  always be DLT_RAW. This is by intention. Otherwise, libpcap would have
  to know how to create link-layer and network-layer headers for the
  packets it reassembles. I believe this would be out of scope.

- In an attempt to cleanly integrate into the architecture of libpcap,
  the reassembly code creates a small BPF helper program that will
  assist in finding the offset in the captured packet where the IP
  headers starts.

- Currently, no kernel level filtering is performed if reassembly
  is enabled. Instead, all packets are filtered in userspace after the
  reassembly process. There are more clever ways to do this.

- Instead of calling the user callback directly, the different capture
  backends now call the function pcap_invoke_callback(). This function
  takes care of performing the reassembly if requested, then invokes
  the user callback.

- Currently, reassembly is only implemented if reading from a savefile,
  or doing a live capture on Linux (but fixing this will be quite easy).

- The patch includes the "ipreasm" library which can also be used
  independently of libpcap. I'm planning to release this as a standalone
  library in the future. Or, maybe, it can just be maintained as part of

Looking forward to your feedback.


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