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> It looks like 1) is impossible the need for both to define
> pcap_create_interface().

Currently, the list isn't set in pcap_create(), it's set in pcap_activate(), so 
it'd be set in pcap_activate_linux().

You would then either

        1) have the "cooked mode" read-a-packet code check handle->linktype for 
DLT_LINUX_SLL or DLT_LINUX_SLL2 and decide based on that whether to use the SLL 
or SLL2 header


        2) replace the "cooked" member of the private structure with an enum 
supporting "raw mode", "SLL cooked mode", and "SLL2 cooked mode", and have the 
read-a-packet code decide how to process a packet based on that.

So how is it impossible to implement 1)?
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