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On 12/06/2020 07:31, Guy Harris via tcpdump-workers wrote:
> Fran├žois checked in a change to tcpdump so that, if it's handed a capture 
> file with a link-layer header type for which it has no dissector, it just 
> dumps the packet data in hex, rather than failing with an indication that the 
> header type isn't supported.
> However, pcap_compile(), in *libpcap*, will fail with an unknown header type 
> - and tcpdump always hands a filter to pcap_compile(), even if it's a null 
> string (which means "accept every packet").
> It doesn't fail with *known* filter types for which most filters are 
> unsupported, it just rejects most of them (other than "link[M:N]").
> Is there any reason *not* handle link-layer types unknown to libpcap in 
> pcap_compile()?

No reason.
We should decode them in hex/ASCII like with the previous change with perhaps a 
warning like:
"Warning: link-type 290 is not in libpcap range"

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