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Hello all.

Here is what I managed to establish from the LBL tcpslice tarballs and
the-tcpdump-group/tclslice git repository:

* The master branch has only one commit that at least loosely
  corresponds to an LBL release, that is 9d55298 and
  tcpslice-1.1a3.tar.Z respectively.
* The "lbl" branch used to be a strict subset of the master branch,
  in that it had just two commits: the initial commit and the
  almost-1.1a3 commit above. I have added 4 commits and 4 tags to it, so
  it is no longer a strict subset (the two branches have diverged), and
  now the tags correspond exactly to the tarballs released by LBL
  (1.1a3, 1.2a1, 1.2a2, 1.2a3).
* It is still not clear which of the post-1.1a3 LBL changes had made it
  into the master branch, there was at least one attempt to
  forward-port (commit 13324e4 "tcpslice 1.2a1 from Vern"), but it was
  difficult for me to compare the non-LBL git history with the tarballs.
  Hopefully it will be easier now.
* The "tcpslice_1_2" branch is not a strict subset of the master
  branch, but the only reason is because after the branches diverge at
  commit e22e768, tcpslice_1_2 has a single commit (bb425ec), which
  makes the same changes as the commit 1100607 in master after the two
  "#undef const" commits. In other words, in practical sense
  tcpslice_1_2 is a subset of master and has no work that isn't present
  in master.

I am going to delete the "tcpslice_1_2" branch so it does not mislead
whoever is looking into this history next.


    Denis Ovsienko

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