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> We should probably have an include/libnetdissect directory in which we 
> install netdissect.h and the headers it requires.

Or include/netdissect.

> However, API-declaring headers should *NEVER* require config.h (there was a 
> particularly horrible case with OpenBSD's version of libz, forcing a painful 
> workaround in Wireshark:


> so if anything in netdissect.h depends on config.h definitions, we should try 
> to fix that.

It looks like it's just declaring replacements for strlcat(), strlcpy(), 
strdup(), and strsep() if the platform doesn't provide them.  That should be 
done in a non-public header.

> That leaves ip.h and ip6.h; I'd have to check to see whether they should be 
> considered part of the API or not.

The comments are:

        #include "ip.h" /* struct ip for nextproto4_cksum() */
        #include "ip6.h" /* struct ip6 for nextproto6_cksum() */

so what should probably be done is have a header for *users* of libnetdissect 
and a separate header for *components* of libnetdissect; the latter can define 
more things.  (The latter would be a non-public header, unless we decide to 
support third-party dissector plugins; that would also mean we'd probably want 
to have something like Wireshark's dissector tables to which those plugins 
would add themselves.)

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