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On Wed, 19 Aug 2020 00:51:11 +0100
Denis Ovsienko via tcpdump-workers <tcpdump-workers@lists.tcpdump.org>

> Also, the current Travis CI build matrix expands to 108 (!) jobs, so
> if you are making a trivial commit (such as in the man pages or the
> documentation), please remember to skip the CI build with [skip ci] as
> described here:
> https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/customizing-the-build/#skipping-a-build

Let me correct myself. There are three CI systems currently at work:
Travis, Appveyor and Cirrus. Travis takes 2 hours to complete. Appveyor
is the second heaviest: 12 tcpdump tasks take about an hour to complete.

Each CI system has a lot of original features ([1], [2]), but here is a
short version:

* To skip a CI build in all systems, place [skip ci] at the end of the
  commit _summary_ (the very 1st line) -- tested, works, please use this

* To skip CI specifically in Travis, place [skip travis] at the end of
  the commit summary or anywhere else in the commit message.

* To skip CI specifically in Appveyor, place [skip appveyor] at the end
  of the commit summary.

* The only way to skip Cirrus is to skip all systems (see the first
  item above).

What is not obvious, placing [skip ci] _not_ in the commit summary will
skip Travis CI _only_, which is not what you would usually mean or
expect. Unfortunately, I personally have been doing exactly that since
the times when Travis was the only CI system and placing the
machine-readable text out of sight made the most sense. It is different
now, so let's all (myself in the first place) try to change this habit.


1: https://www.appveyor.com/docs/how-to/filtering-commits/
2: https://cirrus-ci.org/guide/writing-tasks/#conditional-task-execution

    Denis Ovsienko

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