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On 25/08/2020 19:44, Denis Ovsienko via tcpdump-workers wrote:
> +[missing/strlcpy.c:46]: (style) The function 'strlcpy' is never used.
> (Which is true, but neither GCC nor Clang complain about that.)
> LBL code never used strlcpy(), it appeared in TTG code in 2001 via
> commit fc7de60. Considering long-term maintenance, would it be better
> to lose the unused missing/strlcpy.c now, or to wait a bit, or to keep
> it around for as long as it compiles?

Hello Denis,

strlcpy is used here:
tcpslice.c:999:         strlcpy(buf, asctime(t), 128);

With my build:
gcc [...] -g -O2 -o strlcpy.o -c ./missing/strlcpy.c


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