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Guy Harris <ghar...@sonic.net> wrote:
    > a 6-bit "extension" field, storing information about the
    > capture, such an indication of whether the packets include an
    > FCS and, if so, how many bytes of FCS are present.

    > So what NetBSD had was a convention where a capture file could have a
    > link-layer type that combined an AF_ value with some additional bits to
    > distinguish the value from a regular LINKTYPE_ value; I don't know what
    > AF_ values they supported for that, or where that code was, or whether
    > it's still supported.

Wow, lots of ill-defined complexity here.

I think that we should just regard this as water under the bridge.
If NetBSD wants to propose a use for those empty bits, then a new
specification could update that use case.

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