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> 5 years of backward compatibility might be OK'ish, although from time
> to time I run into such "long-term support" systems that in practice
> mean someone keeps paying good money for "support" for 5-10 years, but
> they don't get bugs fixed or new software versions backported. In my
> own experience this tends to have something to do with RedHat Linux
> distributions.

Yeah, a lot of people are running old RHEL or CentOS - a lot of them keep 
asking about newer versions of Wireshark, because the older RHEL/CentOS 
versions provide Wireshark 2.x packages when Wireshark's already up to 3.4.2.

They probably provide old tcpdump, too, so people might want to build newer 

I've checked in a change that picks up some code from a newer version of the 
pkg-config CMake module to make it work with older versions.

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