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> I pick up this thread of mine again from 7th march of this year (wireshark 
> extension for a Kernel Module (like Usbmon)​ ) enhanced with a configure 
> issue,

Unless I've missed something, "again" means "again, in a different mailing 
list", as the only previous message I can find about it was to the 
wireshark-dev mailing list...

> which was discussed lot of times ( tcpdump configure script doesn't correctly 
> handle static builds ). But Im not sure, if this is a real issue for github.
> In my case, I was able to build Tcpdump with these steps:

...and my response, in the previous mail thread, to the question

> The functions kpnode_findalldevs and kpnode_create are in my files 
> pcap-kpnode.c and pcap-kpnode.h. They are not finished yet but the subject of 
> this mail is for now, how to connect these functions into libpcap and 
> Wireshark so that they are evoked if a device /dev/kpnode emerges.


> You do it in libpcap.


> Get libpcap with git, step into the directory invoke: ./configure 
> --disable-dbus --without-dbus --without-dpdk --disable-rdma
> then make and make install.

OK, so far so good.

> Then I opened the tcpdump.zip archive

(.zip?  Not .tar.gz?  The current releases from


are provided in .tar.gz form, as are all the other release in


Gzipped tarballs are probably easier to extract on a UN*X, as they're likely to 
have either a version of tar that reads gzipped files or have gzcat and tar; to 
unpack a zip archive requires a command such as unzip or a GUI tool that 
unpacks zip archives.  Perhaps you mean ".zip archive" in a metaphorical sense 
of "some form of archive"?  Or is this a ZIP archive provided by somebody other 
than tcpdump.org?)

> within the libpcap directory. step into the directory, call ./configure and 
> it build. success!

There's no requirement to unpack the tcpdump source in the libpcap source 
directory.  If you *haven't* installed the libpcap that you built from source, 
the best place to unpack it is in the *parent* directory of the libpcap source 
directory, but if you *have* installed that libpcap, the tcpdump configure 
script won't have to look for it in a directory at the same level as the 
tcpdump source directory, so you can unpack the tcpdump repository anywhere.

> Then I took my changes for libpcap from march, a pcap-kpnode.c and 
> pcap-kpnode.h (attached)

No, they're not attached.  Either you forgot to attach them or some mail 
software stripped the attachments.  Michael/Denis/François - do we strip 
attachments at any point before sending messages to the list?

> further I added into pcap.c:
> 100: #include "pcap-kpnode.h"
> 690: {kpnode_findalldevs, kpnode_create }
> and in Makefile.in I added my sourcefiles
> after that, I evoked make clean and the configure call again like that one 
> before with all these switches. Then make and make install. The library was 
> successfully build, also with my changes. Then I unzipped the tcpdump archive 
> again to start from scratch and this time ./configure leads to that error 
> message about no pcap_loop support. I added the config.log as well.

There were no attachments to the copy of your message that I received, so if 
you attached it, something stripped the attachment.

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