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Hello Denis,

I agree with all of your suggestions, have made the changes and pushed to the 

> * Page 7: "Length is a minimum of 4 octets and must be a multiple of 4.
>  The addition of new TLVs does not and must not require incrementing
>  the version number." -- this definition automatically creates a
>  problem space on the receiving/reading end of this encoding because
>  slightly more than 75% of all possible length values are invalid by
>  definition. The classic solution would be not to include the first 4
>  octets into the length, and to count in multiples of 4, this way any
>  length value would be valid, free of underflows and better consumable
>  by simple parsers such as BPF bytecode.

The length is now the number of 4 octet (32-bit) words omitting the header.

> * Page 8: "Z-Wave PHY Payload" -- is this the PPDU from Figure A.7 of
>  G.9959 2015/01, starting from "preamble sequence"?

This was an unfortunate mistake on my part. The intention was to specify the 
MPDU (not PPDU). This has been corrected and mapping to G.9959 added.

> * Page 9: "length - number of octets for type in value field (not
>  including padding)" -- this definition looks better, but in the next
>  three TLV diagrams the length does include the T and the L.

Lengths in the diagrams have been corrected.

> * Page 10: If the list of region code points is a copy/subset of an
>  external registry, it would help to give an exact reference.  Ditto
>  bit rate code points.  Clearly there is some relation with tables A.1
>  and A.2 from G.9959 2015/01.

References have need added.

Thank-you for your feedback.


+ Chris Brandson

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