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Hello all.

I hope this finds you well.  tcpdump 4.99.2 and libpcap 1.10.2 are now
available in the usual places, you can find the change logs below.
This time it is a much larger amount of changes than usual because it
has been about 1.5 years since the previous releases.  Thanks to
everyone who contributed in one or another way, and have a happy New

Saturday, December 31, 2022 / The Tcpdump Group
  Summary for 4.99.2 tcpdump release
    Updated printers:
      BGP: Update cease notification decoding to RFC 9003.
      BGP: decode BGP link-bandwidth extended community properly.
      BGP: Fix parsing the AIGP attribute
      BGP: make sure the path attributes don't go past the end of the packet.
      BGP: Shutdown message can be up to 255 bytes length according to rfc9003
      DSA: correctly determine VID.
      EAP: fix some length checks and output issues.
      802.11: Fix the misleading comment regarding "From DS", "To DS" Frame
        Control Flags.
      802.11: Fetch the CF and TIM IEs a field at a time.
      802.15.4, BGP, LISP: fix some length checks, compiler warnings,
        and undefined behavior warnings.
      PFLOG: handle LINKTYPE_PFLOG/DLT_PFLOG files from all OSes on all
      RRCP: support more Realtek protocols than just RRCP.
      MPLS: show the EXP field as TC, as per RFC 5462.
      ICMP: redo MPLS Extension code as general ICMP Extension code.
      VQP: Do not print unknown error codes twice.
      Juniper: Add some bounds checks.
      Juniper: Don't treat known DLT_ types as "Unknown".
      lwres: Fix a length check, update a variable type.
      EAP: Fix some undefined behaviors at runtime.
      Ethernet: Rework the length checks, add a length check.
      IPX: Add two length checks.
      Zephyr: Avoid printing non-ASCII characters.
      VRRP: Print the protocol name before any GET_().
      DCCP: Get rid of trailing commas in lists.
      Juniper: Report invalid packets as invalid, not truncated.
      IPv6: Remove an obsolete code in an always-false #if wrapper.
      ISAKMP: Use GET_U_1() to replace a direct dereference.
      RADIUS: Use GET_U_1() to replace a direct dereference.
      TCP: Fix an invalid check.
      RESP: Fix an invalid check.
      RESP: Remove an unnecessary test.
      Arista: Refine the output format and print HwInfo.
      sFlow: add support for IPv6 agent, add a length check.
      VRRP: add support for IPv6.
      OSPF: Update to match the Router Properties registry.
      OSPF: Remove two unnecessary dereferences.
      OSPF: Add support bit Nt RFC3101.
      OSPFv3: Remove two unnecessary dereferences.
      ICMPv6: Fix output for Router Renumbering messages.
      ICMPv6: Fix the Node Information flags.
      ICMPv6: Remove an unused macro and extra blank lines.
      ICMPv6: Add a length check in the rpl_dio_print() function.
      ICMPv6: Use GET_IP6ADDR_STRING() in the rpl_dio_print() function.
      IPv6: Add some checks for the Hop-by-Hop Options header
      IPv6: Add a check for the Jumbo Payload Hop-by-Hop option.
      NFS: Fix the format for printing an unsigned int
      PTP: fix printing of the correction fields
      PTP: Use ND_LCHECK_U for checking invalid length.
      WHOIS: Add its own printer source file and printer function
      MPTCP: print length before subtype inside MPTCP options
      ESP: Add a workaround to a "use-of-uninitialized-value".
      PPP: Add tests to avoid incorrectly re-entering ppp_hdlc().
      PPP: Don't process further if protocol is unknown (-e option).
      PPP: Change the pointer to packet data.
      ZEP: Add three length checks.
      Add some const qualifiers.
    Building and testing:
      Update config.guess and config.sub.
      Use AS_HELP_STRING macro instead of AC_HELP_STRING.
      Handle some Autoconf/make errors better.
      Fix an error when cross-compiling.
      Use "git archive" for the "make releasetar" process.
      Remove the release candidate rcX targets.
      Mend "make check" on Solaris 9 with Autoconf.
      Address assorted compiler warnings.
      Fix auto-enabling of Capsicum on FreeBSD with Autoconf.
      Treat "msys" as Windows for test exit statuses.
      Clean up some help messages in configure.
      Use unified diff by default.
      Remove awk code from mkdep.
      Fix configure test errors with Clang 15
      CMake: Prevent stripping of the RPATH on installation.
      AppVeyor CI: update Npcap site, update to 1.12 SDK.
      Cirrus CI: Use the same configuration as for the main branch.
      CI: Add back running tcpdump -J/-L and capture, now with Cirrus VMs.
      Remove four test files (They are now in the libpcap tests directory).
      On Solaris, for 64-bit builds, use the 64-bit pcap-config.
      Tell CMake not to check for a C++ compiler.
      CMake: Add a way to request -Werror and equivalents.
      configure: Special-case macOS /usr/bin/pcap-config as we do in CMake.
      configure: Use pcap-config --static-pcap-only if available.
      configure: Use ac_c_werror_flag to force unknown compiler flags to fail.
      configure: Use AC_COMPILE_IFELSE() and AC_LANG_SOURCE() for testing
      Run the test that fails on OpenBSD only if we're not on OpenBSD.
    Source code:
      Fix some snapend-changing routines to protect against pointer
      Use __func__ from C99 in some function calls.
      Memory allocator: Update nd_add_alloc_list() to a static function.
      addrtoname.c: Fix two invalid tests.
      Use more S_SUCCESS and S_ERR_HOST_PROGRAM in main().
      Add some comments about "don't use GET_IP6ADDR_STRING()".
      Assign ndo->ndo_packetp in pretty_print_packet().
      Update tok2strbuf() to a static function.
      netdissect.h: Keep the link-layer dissectors names sorted.
      setsignal(): Set SA_RESTART on non-lethal signals (REQ_INFO, FLUSH_PCAP)
        to avoid corrupting binary pcap output.
      Use __builtin_unreachable().
      Fail if nd_push_buffer() or nd_push_snaplen() fails.
      Improve code style and fix many typos.
      Some man page cleanups.
      Update the print interface for the packet count to stdout.
      Note that we require compilers to support at least some of C99.
      Update AIX and Solaris-related specifics.
      INSTALL.txt: Add doc/README.*, delete the deleted win32 directory.
      Update README.md and README.Win32.md.
      Update some comments with new RFC numbers.
Saturday, December 31, 2022 / The Tcpdump Group
  Summary for 1.10.2 libpcap release
    Source code:
      Use __builtin_unreachable() in PCAP_UNREACHABLE.
      Use AS_HELP_STRING macro instead of AC_HELP_STRING in the
        configure scripts, to avoid deprecation warnings.
      Change availability tags in pcap.h to make it easier to
        arrange for it to be used in Darwin releases.
      Use AS_HELP_STRING for --enable-remote.
      Fix some formatting string issues found by cppcheck.
      Various small code and comment cleanups.
      Use PCAP_ERROR (defined as -1) rather than explicit -1 for
        functions the documentation says return PCAP_ERROR.
      Remove unused code from the filter compiler.
      Use _declspec(deprecated(msg)) rather than __pragma(deprecated)
        for Windows deprecation warnings, so the message that was
        specified shows up.
      diag-control.h: define PCAP_DO_PRAGMA() iff we're going to use it.
      Use "%d" to print some signed ints.
      Use the Wayback Machine for a removed document in a comment.
      Add some const qualifiers.
      RDMA: Use PRIu64 to print a uint64_t.
    "Dead" pcap_ts from pcap_open_dead() and ..._with_tstamp_precision():
        Don't crash if pcap_breakloop() is called.
      Fix pcap_dispatch() to return number of packets processed, rather
        than 0, even at EOF.
      If we get an error writing the packet header, don't write the
        packet data.
      Put PFLOG UID and PID values in the header into host byte order
        when reading a LINKTYPE_PFLOG file.
      Put CAN ID field in CAN pseudo-headers for LINUX_SLL2, as we do
        for LINUX_SLL.
      Fix inorrectly-computed "real" length for isochronous USB
        transfers when reading savefiles.
      Don't crash if pcap_can_set_rfmon() is called.
      Fix pcap_offline_read() loop.
      Never process more than INT_MAX packets in a pcap_dispatch() call,
        to avoid integer overflow (issue #1087).
      Improve error messages for "no such device" and "permission
        denied" errors.
      SITA: Fix a typo in a variable name.
    Packet filtering:
      Get PFLOG header length from the length value in the header.
      Support all the direction, reason, and action types supported by
        all systems that support PFLOG.
      Don't require PFLOG support on the target machine in order to
        support PFLOG filtering (also fixes issue #1076).
      Expand abbreviations into "proto X" properly.
      gencode.c: Update a comment about the VLAN TPID test.
      Add the minimum and maximum matching DLTs to an error message.
      Fix memory leak in capture device open (pull request #1038).
      Fix detection of CAN/CAN FD packets in direction check (issue
      Fix double-free crashes on errors such as running on a kernel with
        CONFIG_PACKET_MMAP not configured (issue #1054).
      Use DLT_CAN_SOCKETCAN for CANbus interfaces (issue #1052; includes
        changes from pull request #1035).
      Make sure the CANFD_FDF can be relied on to indicate whether a
        CANbus packet is a CAN frame or a CAN FD frame
      Improve error message for "out of memory" errors for kernel
        filters (see issue #1089).
      Fix pcap_findalldevs() to find usbmon devices.
      Fix handling of VLAN tagged packets if the link-layer type is
        changed from DLT_LINUX_SLL to DLT_LINUX_SLL2 (see issue #1105).
      Always turn on PACKET_AUXDATA (see issue #1105).
      We require 2.6.27 or later, so PACKET_RESERVE is available.
      Make sure there's reserved space for a DLT_LINUX_SLL2 header
        when capturing.
      Correctly compute the "real" length for isochronous USB transfers.
      Don't have an eventfd descriptor open in non-blocking mode, so as
        not to waste descriptors.
      netfilter: Squelch a narrowing warning (To be look at before 2038).
    BPF capture (*BSD, macOS, AIX, Solaris 11):
      Fix case where a device open might fail, rather than falling back
        to a smaller buffer size, when the initial buffer size is too
      Use an unsigned device number to iterate over BPF devices, to
        squelch a compiler warning.
      Fix handling of LINKTYPE_HDLC/DLT_HDLC.
      Fix unaligned accesses in rpcapd (pull request #1037).
      Fix code to process port number.
      Clean up findalldevs code in rpcapd.
      Clean up bufferizing code.
      Fix a file descriptor/handle leak in pcap_findalldevs_ex()
        (Coverity CID 1507240).
      Improve error messages for host and port resolution errors.
      Fix connect code not to fail if both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are
      Improve connect failure error message.
      Provide an error message for a bad authentication reply size.
      For link-layer types with host-endian fields in the header, fix
        those fields if capturing from a server with a different byte
      Suppress temporarily the warnings with "enable remote packet capture".
      Add support for NdisMediumIP (pull request #1027).
      Don't require applications using pcap to be built with VS 2015 or
      Use the correct string for the DLL VersionInfo.
      Remove unnecessary DllMain() function.
      Correctly handle ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION from
        PacketGetTimestampModes() (indicate that WinPcap or an older
        version of Npcap is probably installed).
      Fix use-after-free in some cases when a pcap_t is closed.
      Make sure an error is returned by pcap_create_interface() if
        PacketOpenAdapter() fails.
      Return an error if the driver reports 0 timestamp modes supported.
      Close the ADAPTER handle for some errors in
      Get rid of old umaintained VS project files.
      Fix deprecation warning for pcap_handle().
      Npcap is now at npcap.com, not npcap.org.
      Make sure "no such device" and "no permission to open device"
        errors show up in pcap_activate(), not pcap_create() (fixes,
        among other things, tcpdump -i <interface-number>).
      npcap: squelch deprecation warnings for kernel dump mode.
      Implement pcap_lib_version(), as now required.
      Handle negative or too-large snaplen values.
      Fix various build issues and warnings.
    Building and testing:
      Update configure-time universal build checks for macOS.
      Update config.guess and config.sub.
      If we look for an SSL library with pkg-config in configure script,
        try pkg-config first.
      If we have pkg-config and Homebrew, try to set pkg-config up to
        find Homebrew packages.
      Handle some Autoconf/make errors better.
      Use "git archive" for the "make releasetar" process.
      Remove the release candidate rcX targets.
      Fix compiling on Solaris 9/SPARC and 11/AMD64.
      Address assorted compiler warnings.
      Fix cross-building on Linux for Windows with mingw32 for Win64
        (pull request #1031).
      Properly set installation directory on Windows when not compiling
        with MSVC.
      Fix configure script checks for compiler flags.
      Give more details if check for usable (F)Lex fails.
      Fix compiling with GCC 4.6.4.
      Don't use add_compile_options() with CMake, as we currently don't
        require 2.8.12, where it first appeared.
      Don't provide -L/usr/lib for pkg-config --libs in pkg-config.
      Fix error message for inadequate Bison/Berkeley YACC.
      configure: correctly do some DPDK checks.
      Only use pkg-config when checking for DPDK.
      Allow the path in which DPDK is installed to be specified.
      Use pkg-config first when checking for libibverbs.
      CMake: fix check for libibverbs with Sun's C compiler.
      Have CMake warn if no capture mechanism can be found.
      Don't do stuff requiring 3.19 or later on earlier CMakes.
      Squelch some CMake warnings.
      Fix diag-control.h to handle compiling with clang-cl (issues
        #1101 and #1115).
      Cleanup various leftover cruft in the configure script.
      Fix building without protochain support. (GH #852)
      Check for a usable YACC (or Bison) and {F}lex in CMake, as we do
        in autotools.
      Only check for a C++ compiler on Haiku, as that's the only
        platform with C++ code, and make sure they generate code for
        the same instruction set bit-width (both 32-bit or both 64-bit)
        (issue #1112).
      On Solaris, check the target bit-width and set PKG_CONFIG_PATH
        appropriately, to handle the mess that is the D-Bus library
        package (issue #1112).
      Fix generation of pcap-config and libpcap.pc files (issue #1062).
      pcap-config: don't assume the system library directory is /usr/lib.
      pcap-config: add a --static-pcap-only flag.
      Cirrus CI: Use the same configuration as for the main branch.
      Add four libpcap test files.
      Update Npcap SDK to 1.13.
      Makefile.in: Use TEST_DIST, like for tcpdump.
      Remove awk code from mkdep.
      Cirrus CI: Add the libssl-dev package in the Linux task.
      Cirrus CI: Add the openssl@3 brew package in the macOS task.
      Get "make shellcheck" to pass again.
      CMake: Build valgrindtest only if Autoconf would.
      CMake: use ${CMAKE_INSTALL_SBINDIR} rather than just sbin.
      CMake: use NUL: as the null device on Windows.
      autoconf: fix typo in test of macOS version.
      Makefile.in: Add two missing files in EXTRA_DIST.
      autotools, cmake: provide an rpath option if necessary.
      configure: get rid of the attempt to auto-run PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG.
      configure: use PKG_CHECK_MODULES to run pkg-config.
      Add README.solaris.md.
      Add SCTP to pcap-filter(7).
      Note that = and == are the same operator in filters (issue #1044).
      Update INSTALL.md, README.md, and README.solaris.md.
      Update and clean up CONTRIBUTING.md.
      Trim documentation of support for now-dead UN*Xe and older
        versions of other UN*Xes.
      Move the "how to allocate a LINKTYPE_/DLT_ value" documentation to
        the web site.
      Clean up man pages.
      Move README.capture-module to the web site.
      Improve some protocol details in pcap-filter(7).
      Refine "relop" notes in pcap-filter(7).
      In pcap-filter(7) "domain" is an id.
      Discuss backward compatibility in pcap-filter(7).
      Other improvements to pcap-filter(7).
      Document pcap_breakloop(3PCAP) interaction with threads better.
      Document PCAP_ERROR_NOT_ACTIVATED for more routines.

    Denis Ovsienko

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