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> On Wed, 4 Jan 2023 08:40:21 -0500
> Bill Fenner via tcpdump-workers <tcpdump-workers@lists.tcpdump.org>
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I know the tcpdump style follows a bunch of bsd patterns, since it
> > came from Berkeley in the first place.  Does anyone have a
> > clang-format config that reflects these coding conventions?  One of
> > the problems I have in upstreaming Arista-developed tcpdump code is
> > making sure that the code fits in well with its surroundings, and
> > using clang-format for that purpose would sure be easier.
> Bill, do you know if it would be practicable to apply code style per
> file instead of doing a flag day on entire repository?
> Also it might help before enforcing the style to get tcpdump 5.0 ready
> (to remove backporting into 4.99 from the problem space) and to
> merge/close as many pull requests as possible.

Many people use incremental formatting: when you change or add some code,
use the autoformatter to make sure that it conforms to the appropriate
style. One such script is “clang-format-diff.py”. This is the approach that
I want to take on the diffs that I would like to create pull requests for:
make sure that the diff itself conforms to the style.


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