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The mailing list has been moved from a mailman2 host to a mailman3 host.
I had subscribed everyone with an option to confirm, but that was a bad idea.
I have now found the import21 command, and imported the "pickle" file from
the mailman2 installation.

I hope that this email finds you well, and that the SPF and DKIM for the list
checks out for you.

The old pipermail archives at:

have been copied over, and I'll adjust the info pointer.
They won't get updated as things are moved over to Hyperkitty.
I will import the mboxes into hyperkitty, as soon as I figure out where the
debian installed hyperkitty django commands are actually installed.

I'm sorry for the confusion.  Sunday/Monday is the day that I had time and
energy, and the number of tedious things to tweak and validate was many.
The mailman2 web interface had to be turned off when it became clear that it
was being abused to do email DDoS against all sorts of random victims.

My previous four attempts to send this email got rejected, because
multipart/signed was not an acceptable mime type.

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