It has been a while, and this problem still needs a solution.

On Mon, 3 Aug 2020 13:22:35 -0700
Guy Harris <ghar...@sonic.net> wrote:

> The first step I'd take would be to get rid of the GPLed headers in
> favor of BSD-licensed headers, e.g. taking the ip.h, tcp.h, and udp.h
> headers from tcpdump and changing the code to work with them.

This is no longer a part of the problem space.

> What remains are:
> so I'll try contacting Mr. Ainslie to see whether we can replace the
> 3-clause-plus-one-unnumbered-clause LBL license with the 3-clause
> LB(N)L license in libpcap, tcpdump, and tcpslice.

I suppose this did not work.  Let's put the
"3-clause-plus-one-unnumbered-clause LBL license" into a LICENSE file

    Denis Ovsienko
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