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> If https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP-UX#Version_history is any indication,
> there are ~21 months left on HP's (er, sorry, HPE's) own support for HP-UX.

As far as I know, now that Itania are no longer being manufactured and shipped, 
and given that HPE haven't, as far as I know, shown any sign of plans to port 
HP-UX to x86-64, the future is something like "no more HP-UX, just the ability 
to run HP-UX Itanium binaries on x86-64 Linux with binary-to-binary translation 
and either HP-UX system call emulation or HP-UX shared library call emulation".

I can't find much to indicate the details of the strategy, except that it 
involves "Linux containers" in some fashion; if one of those particular "Linux 
containers" won't run native Linux/x86-64 applications and emulated 
HP-UX/Itanium apps in parallel, maybe there'd be some demand for the HP-UX 
tcpdump running in a container; otherwise, running a Linux tcpdump using Linux 
libpcap would probably be the future.
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