On Apr 1, 2024, at 6:53 AM, Michael Richardson <m...@sandelman.ca> wrote:

> I wonder if we should nuke our own make tarball system.

I.e., replace:

        to get {libpcap,tcpdump,tcpslice} version X.Y.Z, download 


        to get {libpcap,tcpdump,tcpslice} version X.Y.Z, do

                git clone {repository}

        and then check out Git tag {libpcap,tcpdump,tcpslice}-X.Y.Z?

If so, do we

        1) require people to have autotools installed and run ./autogen.sh


        2) generate the configure scripts on some standard platform and check 
it in

so that they have a configure script?  Or is there some other way to arrange 
that people can get the configure scripts?
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