Guy Harris <> wrote:
    > A while ago, tcpdump and its configuration script were modified -
    > mainly by Bill Fenner, as I remember - so that it didn't require a
    > contemporary version of libpcap, and could be built with older versions
    > of libpcap.

For instance, I think, the FreeBSD that is JUNOS is an example of that.
I don't know if the libpcap is built in some special way to accomodate
Juniper hardware. Maybe.  I don't think it's that old anymore.

    > It also supports versions of libpcap that don't include pcap_create()
    > and pcap_activate(); those first appeared in libpcap 1.0, which was
    > released in 2008, almost 16 years ago.

    > Is there any reason not to require libpcap 1.0 or later?  If there is,
    > is there any reason not to require libpcap 0.7 or later?

I think libpcap 1.0 or later is good.

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