Thanks Max!!!

This was all a good reminder of that wide variety of activities that fall
under the "play" and "games" umbrellas. Learning a new language, collecting
salt shakers, and telling jokes can all be considered part of that world.

The "Play Personality" types are really interesting. As a fan of modern
boardgames, I want to point out that the "Competitor" doesn't have to be in
competition with other people. Cooperative games are a great example of
fulfilling a desire to win, but doing so *with* others, rather than
*against* them. Plus, as the full description of that type mentions, it's
about optimization as well as winning. I would argue that it's more about
optimization than winning: Doing my best in a game is far more important
than doing better than someone else.

Although I'm not a huge fan of the card game Fluxx, it sounds like that
next session used it very effectively. There is an obscure cooperative game
("Divinity") that has similar core mechanisms to Fluxx. If I buy it, maybe
I'll bring it to a TPG event to try.

Like Arthur, I want to hear more about the sorting hat. At a glance, it
reminds me of the old (apparently misnamed) "Bayesian" email spam filters I
played around with years ago. Or more generally, neural networks, I
suppose. In an odd twist where the brain ends up simulating a simulation of
a brain. When reviewing code, I often describe it in terms of feelings or
odd sensations that something is out of place, even if I can't quite
identify the specific offense. Fortunately, with more analysis, the
true/objective cause usually becomes clear.

Kevin Smith
Agile Coach, Wikimedia Foundation

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 5:48 PM, Arthur Richards <>

> Thanks for sharing this Max, sounds like an interesting few sessions.
> Would love to hear more about 'the sorting hat'!
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>> I recently attended a "pre-conference" to Agile Open California. I wrote
>> up my experience and posted it on the Team Practices Group MediaWiki page:
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